Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler water treatment is critical to ensuring that the machinery lasts as long as possible. When impurities are present in the boiler water, they can foul the system and cause long-term damage, reducing the life of the equipment and reducing its efficacy, resulting in higher bills for the same performance. In addition, scaling is caused by dissolved salts in the water, and other contaminants and products in the water will attack the machinery if not removed by external or internal boiler treatment.

Impurities and other problems will accumulate in boilers as they circulate water.

These issues can cause a breakdown, resulting in significant time and financial losses. To avoid this, ensure that your boiler’s water is correctly treating.


Boiler Corrosion:

There are numerous common problems that can arise if the water in your boiler system is not properly treated. Allowing these issues to accumulate will inevitably result in a breakdown. Water contains oxygen, which causes thinning and pitting of metal pipes in boilers. This can interfere with the boiler’s heat transfer abilities and lead to water contamination. Suitable boiler water treatments will remove oxygen from the water and help to prevent corrosion.


Water quality is an essential aspect of proper boiler operation. A boiler that has too many contaminants in its water will eventually fail because it can no longer function properly. However, impurities will be broken down, and full function will be restored with proper treatment.


A high concentration of solids in the water causes frothing or foaming on the surface. When this water evaporates as steam, it can deposit in valves, heat exchangers, turbines, and superheaters, among other places as well as strip away the magnetic layer in steam lines. This can lead to general corrosion and decreased system performance. Treatment can reduce the occurrence of foaming. This can help to avoid these issues.

Reduce suspended solids:

corrosion, scaling, and also impurities in water are all causes of suspended solids to accumulate, which can cause a variety of problems within the boiler. Hard water: Hard water can form inside the boiler and eventually lead to the formation of scale deposits, resulting in impurities in the water. Water softening treatment is mainly one of the most common and essential aspects of boiler maintenance. If all these issues are not properly treated, they can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs as well as leave your facility without hot water. It’s an annoyance if it’s a residential or commercial property, but it’s a nightmare if it’s a hotel or hospital, for example.


Jateen Trading Co. offers a comprehensive range of boiler treatments for all types of boiler systems and types, including:

  • Boilers that run on fossil fuels or waste
  • Boilers that use electricity
  • Generators of steam

If you are in charge of maintaining a boiler or hot water system at your facility or property, seeking treatment before problems arise can save you a lot of money and time. Please see our service page or contact us to discuss your needs for more information.

Bottom Line

Boiler water quality has long been an essential consideration in boiler operation. Water quality requirements become more stringent as power plant operating pressures rise. The requirements are stringent because the current units operate at supercritical pressures. Continuous improvements and changes in water quality management methods, understanding corrosion mechanisms and developing new chemicals have resulted in more cost-effective and efficient water regime management.

Whether you have just installed a new boiler and want to start proper maintenance right away, or you suspect that your boiler is suffering from untreated water, make sure to contact experts who can provide personalized guidance on your boiler system. Contact us to set up an appointment so that you can keep your boiler running for many years to come. Do you find this article interesting? Then please visit the rest of the blogs as well. We’re confident you’ll find them exciting and valuable as well.